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Installing a Record Power Bandsaw (BS300x).

The BS300x Bandsaw is ideal for a small wood-turning workshop having a throat depth of 305mm (12"), and a 200mm (7¾"), max depth of cut. It can easily cut bowl blanks and rip lengthwise through quite sizeable sections of trunk. The Pedal Wheel Kit (manufactured as an accessory by Record Power), is another bonus ensuring that the saw can be easily moved to facilitate cutting long lengths of timber and also to move away from the wall to facilitate fully opening the casing doors to change blades etc. However I found that the the quality of the castors was poor and they failed and had to be replaced after a few years of use.

The Record Power BS300x Bandsaw installed. The Record Power BS300x Bandsaw installed. 8th April 2016.

The Bandsaw is connected via a flexible 100mm diameter hose to a portable dust extractor. Note the wooden shelf which slots into the supporting frame of the steel stand. This shelf is a most useful place to keep the Mitre Fence together with tools for changing the blades and general maintenance.

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Accessory shelf for BS300x Bandsaw. Accessory shelf for BS300x Bandsaw. 8th April 2016.

Closer view of the home made accessory shelf which fits neatly beneath the bandsaw in the supporting frame of the steel stand. The shelf ensures that essential accessories; Mitre Fence, Push stick, spanners and allen keys, are always ready to hand whilst stored out of the way.

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Precision Roller Guide Upgrade Kit

Specifically designed for the Record Power BS300 & BS350 Bandsaws, I came across this by chance when searching online for something else. Advertised for the 300E Bandsaw, I wasn't sure if it was compatible with the older Record Power 300X Bandsaw which I purchased in 2009. To find out, I e-mailed the manufacturers (Phil Meyers at ACM in Kent) who assured me that it would fit OK, so I bit the bullet and purchased it. It is an extremely well made bit of kit, and yes it did fit (it took less than 15 minutes).

It is an excellent product and as well as improving accuracy of cut, the whole machine runs more smoothly. Yes there is a loss of about 50mm depth of cut (reduces the maximum depth to 150mm), but if on the odd occasion I want to cut to the old maximum depth of 200mm, it is very easy (a few minutes work) to temporarily replace the old guides. NOTE, that at the time of writing (July 2016), this item is NOT manufactured by Record Power and is NOT available from any of the Record Power outlets apart from Yandles.

Note added April 2021. Unfortunately this item is no longer advertised on the Yandles website but is available at Accessories 4 Woodsaws.

Bandsaw original upper blade guide assembly. The Original Upper Blade Guide Assembly.

This is the standard upper blade guide assembly as supplied by Record Power. Note the original 14mm diameter mounting shaft and associated toolpost which ensure compatability with both the old and new guides.

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Bandsaw, new upper blade precision guide assembly. The New ACM Upper Blade Precision Guide Assembly.

This is the replacement upper blade precision guide assembly as manufactured by ACM. Note the hole to take the 14mm diameter mounting shaft (pictured above).

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Photographs showing the old and new guides in use. How the Guides are Attached to the Bandsaw.

These two photographs show how the old guides (right photograph), and new guides (left photograph), attach to the bandsaw (using the 14mm diameter mounting shaft), and how easy it is to swop them over, as required.

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A Note on Keeping two sets of Bandsaw Blades.

Bandsaw blades used for cutting wood into circles (as for bowl blanks), wear unevenly and cannot subsequently be used for cutting accurate straight lines. To overcome this problem I maintain two sets of blades; one set for accurate linear cutting, and the other set exclusively for cutting circular turning blanks.


A method of storing templates for cutting circular bowl blanks on the bandsaw.

Bowl blank template storage. Bowl blank template storage.

The hardboard/plywood templates have an 8mm hole drilled near the circumference allowing them to be slid onto a protruding M8 machine screw. The screw, with a countersunk head, is fed through an 8mm diameter hole drilled through a wooden lath screwed to the wall. The machine screw is held in place at the base with a nut and washer. The templates are retained on the screw by means of a wing nut against a washer.

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