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Garage-workshop conversion
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Home pagePHASE 1. Back door removal & window replacement. PHASE 2. Construction of stud framework supporting 8 joists. PHASE 3. Plasterboard ceiling construction. PHASE 4. Partition construction with relocated door. PHASE 5. Construction of mezzanine floor. PHASE 6. Installation of wall insulation & OSB sheathing. PHASE 7. Electrical re-wiring. PHASE 8. Completion & Fitting Out Projects APPENDIX 1. Workshop Measurements & Materials.
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Garage to Workshop Conversion


This page is a calendar, listing latest additions to the website. The latest developments are always at the top of the page with links to the relevant project details.

9th February 2017.
New fitting out project added. How to make a woodturner's sandpaper dispenser. CLICK HERE to view.

13th January 2017.
New wood turning project added, making a platter from a Walnut crotch. CLICK HERE to view.

12th January 2017.
Current wood turning project page updated. CLICK HERE to view. Drying of rough turned wood completed. No further progress envisaged on this for a while.

7th November 2016.
Current wood turning project page initiated. CLICK HERE to view.

17th September 2016.
Wood turning project page initiated. CLICK HERE to view, and CLICK HERE to view the first project which is all about turning Belaying pins.

7th August 2016.
Access to mezzanine floor, above the workshop, discussed. CLICK HERE to view.

1st August 2016.
Construction of a new workbench added to projects.CLICK HERE to view details.

28th July 2016.
Fitting out & project pages added (See menu items on right hand side of this page), includes modifications and jigs for the Bandsaw.

1st July 2016.
Re-wiring and electrical work inspected and approved by a professional electrician on 23rd June 2016.

25th April 2016.
Details of installation of lathe and bandsaw added CLICK HERE for details. Plus updated drawing of completed plan CLICK HERE for details.

13th February 2016.
Construction completed and equipment installed. Most of the constructional aspects of the workshop have now been documented on these website pages but the fitting out of the workshop with equipment, workbenches and shelving still needs to be completed and will be added in due course.

The Workshop in use, 28th November 2015.

The Workshop in use at last! 28th November 2015.
Lathes, bandsaw, grinder shelving and workbenches installed and woodturning in progress.

(Click picture for larger view)

17th November 2015.
Details of the completion of Phase 4, the partition wall with door. CLICK HERE for details.

17th November 2015.
Most of the project has now been completed but there is a a backlog of progress reports waiting to be added to the website. The projects will appear (above) as I have time to add them.

22nd October 2015.
Construction completed. The next phase will be fitting out with storage units & shelving with installation of the lathe, bandsaw and workbench.

10th October 2015.
Electrical power circuit completed.

6th September 2015.
Work started on on completing the insulation by sealing the edges of the insulation boards to the studwork using foil insulation tape, then covering the insulation with a polythene vapour control layer. CLICK HERE to see details.

3rd September 2015.
Installation of first OSB sheathing. This work carried out in tandem with the insulation work. CLICK HERE to see details.

1st September 2015.
Studwork for the new partition wall has been completed. CLICK HERE to see details.

29th August 2015.
A lot has happened! Problems obtaining the Insulation Boards for the stud walling. Although listed and apparently available on their website, the required 40mm thick Celotex insulation boards are not stocked by Travis Perkins. I then ordered the sheets from a company called Building Supplies Online who failed to deliver and had a very unhelpful helpline staff. Finally ordered them from a company called Insulation Giant (a subsiduary of Travis Perkins), and they were delivered with no problem on the 28th August 2015. CLICK HERE to see details.

Good progress with the electrical work with a new consumer unit installed and the vestibule and mezzanine lighting circuits completed. A new two gang (two switches) lighting switch installed with one switch controlling the vestibule & mezzanine floor lighting (completed and functional 27th August 2015). The other switch will control the workshop lighting and most of the wiring for that has also been completed. CLICK HERE to see details.

Additional work carried out to replace two and move one of the collar ties in the roof to improve access and strorage capability of the mezzanine floor. CLICK HERE to see details.

Work has also been progressing on the stud partition wall which is complete apart from some noggins. CLICK HERE to see details.

13th August 2015. Phase 6.
11 Sheets of OSB (for wall sheathing), and 2 sheets of insulation board (for partition wall), and some replacement roof ties delivered. All from Travis Perkins. CLICK HERE to see details.

12th August 2015.
Ceiling completed (PHASE 3, CLICK HERE to see details).

4th August 2015.
Flurry of activity in the past few days. Loft insulation & mezzanine chipboard floor have both been completed. (PHASE 5, CLICK HERE to see details). Work has also started on constructing the stud framework for the front partition wall (PHASE 4, CLICK HERE to see details).

29th July 2015. Phase 3.
Plasterboard ceiling sheets successfully installed. CLICK HERE to see details.

20th July 2015. Phase 3.
7 Sheets of plasterboard (for ceiling), and 10 sheets of chipboard (for mezzanine floor) ordered from Travis Perkins delivered. CLICK HERE to see details.

7th July 2015. Phase 2 completed. CLICK HERE to see details.

18th June 2015. Studwork for end (window) wall completed. CLICK HERE to see details.

15th June 2015. Phase 2 underway with construction started of studwork on window wall. CLICK HERE to see progress with Phase 2.

8th June 2015. Phase 1 completed & wood for studwork (Phase 2), delivered
Pebble dashing successfully completed on outside of the breeze blocks beneath the window. CLICK HERE for details of Phase 1 and HERE to see progress with Phase 2.

23rd May 2015. Phase 1
Blockwork completed. CLICK HERE for details.

22nd May 2015. Phase 1
Window fitted OK yesterday, but brick infill of old doorway below window still to be done!

Decided to use breeze blocks instead of bricks as instead of about 60 bricks, the job can be done with less than 10 breeze blocks! Purchased 10 aerated blocks plus mortar from Wickes and have started filling the gap! CLICK HERE for details.

18th May 2015. Phase 1
A few problems on the 15th. Day started well with easy removal of the back door without damaging the hinges. The two glass panels (set into the door), were also easily removed and, apart from some superficial weathering and some displacement on two tenon joints, the door was found to be in good condition.

However, when the window installers arrived it became apparent that there had been a slight misunderstanding as it was assumed that we (not Outlook Windows) were going to brick up the base of the door. Second, much bigger problem, discovered that the existing window and door frames were all that were supporting the overlying brick gable of the garage. After some discussion, it was agreed that a concrete lintel would need to be inserted before the window/door frame could be removed and this was done the same day and left over the weekend for the concrete to set. The new window is all set to be installed this week. CLICK HERE for details.

13th May 2015. Phase 1
Just received confirmation from Colin at Outlook Windows that the garage window replacement & door removal will be undertaken on Friday 15th May.

4th May 2015. Phase 1
No date yet as regards window replacement and door removal. Web page graphics updated and new page added detailing project measurements. CLICK HERE to view a table of measurements.

25th April 2015. Phase 1
Good progress made on clearing the garage ready for the old window door replacement hopefully at the beginning of May. CLICK HERE to view.

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